Thermaltake Tt eSports Galeru Review

Tt eSports Galeru
The Good
  • Rubberized grip feet
  • Detachable cord holder
The Bad
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    What’s Tt eSports?

    The thing with mouse bungees is that the market is riddled with highly dubious and cheap devices made by noname “brands” and buying one based solely on the features of the device is buying a pig in a poke – some of them work just fine and some of them work for some time and then break. But they all have the same plasticy cheap feel to them. There are some good alternatives among them for sure, like for example, but generally you want to stay away from unless you like trying out different gear just for the sake of it.

    might strike you as one of these neverheard companies, but it actually is an eSports oriented brand of the PC case maker giantsĀ . They make gaming mice, headsets, keyboards, mouse mats… even gaming chairs. Sure, having a large firm behind the product does not mean all their products are good, but we’ve learned that when it comes to mouse bungees it’s usually a good indicator of good quality. After all, these companies have their reputations to guard, customer services and refund policies, which is not always the case for these cheap noname gadgets.

    Enter Galeru

    Galeru is a rainbow snake in the Australian Aboriginal mythology and Tt eSports Galeru is the best selling gaming mouse bungee on e-Commerce giants Amazon. While we generally don’t think that popularity grants quality, the popularity of the Galeru is well justified. Weighing 214 grams (7.5 ounces) it sits around the middle of the table on the mouse bungee weight chart, but what makes it tremendously steady can be found on the bottom of it: the large non-slip rubber coating. Everyone with any knowledge of physics or any amount of common sense will know that the larger the surface area the greater the friction. If you compare this solution to the “legs” of it does not require advanced deduction skills to quickly determine which one is steadier even though the Skorpion has the weight advantage.

    non-slip rubber coating

    What’s also great about the Galeru is the fact that the cord holder part, the rubbery “snake” is detachable from the base with a magnetic design. This make it a great companion for all serious gamers who are attending different LAN events – it’s easy to fit anywhere and you don’t have to worry about breaking it. The rubber holder also enables you to fit almost every imaginable mouse cable onto the bungee, ranging from the tiny cable of Razer DeathAdder Chroma to the thick cables of some Logitech gaming mice.

    If you are looking for a trustworthy and versatile mouse bungee to serve you for years to come, Tt eSports Galeru is a great contender.

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